Programme and Papers

Abstracts and papers are available below the programme:


Session 1: September 11th 13.45 - 15.15 Reception Room

1A.   Alan Dignam (QMUL) and  Peter B Oh (Pittsburgh),
         "Piercing v Lifting."
1B    Alistair Alcock (Buckingham),
         "Cases on Piercing the Veil."
1C     Irit Mevorach (Nottingham),
          "Directors trading and forum shopping in the vicinity of insolvency - setting international benchmarks."

Discussion: 14.45 to 15.15

Session 2: September 11th 15.45 - 17.15 Reception Room

2A    Daniel Attenborough (Leicester),
         "The Vacuous Concept of Legal Rights for Shareholders."
2B    Andreas Kokkinis (UCL),
         "The inappropriateness of shareholder primacy as a corporate objective for banks: A hypothetical bargain analysis."
2C   Wai Yee Wan (SMU),
         "Gatekeeping Responsibilities of Corporate Lawyers for Their Clients' Misstatements and Non-disclosures in Takeovers and Securities Offerings"

Discussion: 16.45 to 17.15

Session 3 September 12th 9.00 - 10.30 Reception Room

3A    Janice Dean (Warwick),
         "European Company Law and Long-term Value."
3B    Roman Tomasic and Dr Folarin Akinbami, (Durham & UniSA),
         "The global financial crisis as a stress test of UK dutie of directors law."
3C    Lorraine Talbot (Warwick),
         "Why Shareholders Shouldn't Vote: A Progressive Critique of Shareholder Empowerment".         


Discussion: 1030 to 1100

Session 4 September 12th 13.30 - 15.00 Reception Room

4A.  Anna Donovan,
        "Corporate Responsibility: Re-conceptualising Compliance Obligations for Super-Citizens."
4B    Elspeth Berry (Nottingham),
         "The criminal liability of partnerships: the high road v. the low road."
4C     Michelle Welsh (Monash) and  Renee Jones (Boston College),
          "Providing a Credible Accountability Mechanism: Public v Private Enforcement of the Duty of Oversight."

Discussion: 1500 to 1530


No abstracts available.


The criminal liability of partnerships and partners in England and Scotland: the high road and the low road by Elspeth Berry.
Why Shareholders Shouldn’t Vote: A progressive critique of shareholder empowerment. by Lorraine Talbot.


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