Civil Liberties
Programme and Papers

Abstracts and papers are available below the programme:


Session 1: September 11th 13.45 - 15.15 Room 3. 31

1A  C Murray (Newcastle)
      ‘Problems with proscription: banning terrorist organisations in the US and UK'
1B  F De Londras (UCD)
      ‘Constitutionalism Frustrated: The ‘Private' War on Terror'
1C  C Murphy (Kings College, London)
      ‘Comparative Methodology in US, UK and EU Counter Terrorism & Civil Liberties Research'

Session 2: September 11th 15.45 - 17.15 Room 3. 31

2A  G Phillipson ( Durham)
      'Hate Speech and Extreme Pornography: Beyond the Harm Principle'.
2B  A Williams (Durham)
      ‘Making sense of the public-private divide: a radical return to orthodoxy'
2C  T Gyorfi (Aberdeen)
       ‘The justification of weak constitutional review and the interpretative duty of courts under s 3 of the HRA 1998'

Session 3 September 12th 09.00- 10.30 Room 3. 31

3A    A Greene (UCD) 
       ‘The Basic Norm and Schmitt: Emergencies and Judicial Review'
3B    E Webster (Strathclyde) 
        ‘The Evolving Interpretation of ‘Treatment' within Article 3 ECHR'
3C    Pritam Baruah (UCL) 
        ‘Understanding Human Dignity in Adjudication: The Indeterminacy Challenge'

Session 4 September 12th 13.30 - 15.00 Room 3. 31

  BoR issue and ECtHR reform
4A   N Kang-Rioux ( Salford)
        ‘The role of the Strasbourg Court: taking the Tories seriously'
4B   R Glancey ( Northumbria)
        ‘The work of the Bill of Rights Commission - Commission impossible?'


The role of the European Court of Human Rights: taking the Tories seriously. by Nicolas Kang-Riou.
Identifying inhuman and degrading treatment in medical-related expulsion cases under Article 3 ECHR by Elaine Webster.
Judicial Review of the State of Exception: Fortifying the Basic Norm against Carl Schmitt by Alan Greene.
Problems with Proscription by Colin Murray.


Carl Schmitt and the Basic Norm: The State of Exception as a Revolution of the Legal Order by Alan Greene.


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