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Abstracts and papers are available below the programme:


Session 1: September 11th 13.45 - 15.15 Room L102

             Law and Culture
1A. Marta Iljadica (King's College London)                      
  'In the ring: law, space and boxing'.
1A Lucy Barnes (Kingston University)
       "Figurations from Dystopia: J.G. Ballard and (sub)urban Space."
1B Brigitte Clark (University of East Anglia)
     'Relocation and Shared Parenting - new Issues for divorcing parents'

Session 2: September 11th 15.45 - 17.15 Room L102

 Judicial Perspectives
2A. Alan Paterson (Strathclyde University)
       "Judicial dialogues: The Supreme Court in Action."
2B. Khurshid Iqbal (University of Peshawar)
       "Judicial Education as Agent of the Rule of Law: Pakistan' s Experience."
2C. Bukola Faturoti (Robert Gordon University)
        "Accessing ADR through the Courts in Nigeria."


Session 3 September 12th 09.00 - 10.30 Room L102

 EU Bonus Session
3A. Roderic O'Gorman (Griffith College Dublin)
        "Assessing Union citizenship as a genuine form of citizenship: A theoretical model."
3B. Millie Polimac (Trinity College, University of Cambridge)
        "New horizons? The horizontal application of fundamental rights in EU law."

3C Peter DeCruz (Liverpool John Moores)

   International and Comparative Perspectives on the Law relating to Cohabitation

Session 4 September 12th 13.30 - 15.00 Room L102

 Tort Bonus Session
4A. Yue Ang (Birmingham University)
       "An Employer's Moral Responsibility: There is more to A Moral Justification than that which is given by the Theory of Enterprise Risk which underpins the Doctrine of Vicarious Liability."
4B. Clifford Fisher (Purdue University)
        "Sex, Harassment and the Workplace."
4C. Rahmani (Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz)
       "Tortious Liability of Corporate Directors: The law of England and Iran."


'The Pointlessness of the Performance Interest: Keep Open Covenants in Scotland by David Campbell and Roger Halson .


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