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Programme and Papers

Abstracts and papers are available below the programme:


Session 1: September 13th 11.15 - 12.45 Room 3.32

1A     Ferris, G. (Nottingham Trent)
          The integration of ethics into legal education.
1B     Mytton, E. (Southampton Solent University)
          Current Debates in Legal Education'
1C      Cownie, F. (Keele)
            Early Women Law Professors: are they of any interest?

Session 2: September 13th 13.45 - 15.15 Room 3.32

2A     Winter, T. (Hamburg)
          Modernization of legal Education in Germany: involve students into new legal problems and the development of responsibility.
2B     Strevens, C. (Portsmouth)
          Theme: Pressing problems in the Law and Legal education: the correlation between assessment and student learning; a discussion and comparison of the UK with the US and Australia
2C     Sandford-Couch, C. (Northumbria)
           Towards ‘Law and visual culture': an outline syllabus.

Session 3 September 14th 09.30 - 11.00 Room 3.32

3A     Kilkelly, U. (University College Cork)
          The Child Law Clinic: An exercise in advocacy and legal education
3B     Fry, E. (Kaplan Law School,) Crewe, J. (Solicitors Regulation Authority,) Wakeford, R. (University ofCambridge)
          Using‘Standardised Clients' to assess Solicitors' Interviewing Skills: Accuracy and Reliability in the SRA's Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme
3C     Zacharopoulou, A. (Ulster)
           PASS - Evaluation of a pilot project in the School of Law, University of Ulster

Session 4 September 14th 11.30 - 13.00 Room 3.32

4A     Gauci , J-P. (King's College )
          The Academic as Stakeholder
4B     Vollans, T. (Coventry)
          Lawyers Keep Out of Law Schools? An examination of the shifting boundaries of the legal system and Law Schools.


Towards ‘Law and visual culture’: an outline syllabus. by Clare Sandford-Couch.
The integration of ethics into legal education by Graham Ferris.
Current Debates in Legal Education by Elizabeth Mytton.
Peer Assisted Learning and the creation of a ‘learning community’ for first year law students by Amanda Zacharopoulou & Catherine Turner .


Lawyers Keep Out of Law Schools? An examination of the shifting boundaries of the Legal System and Law Schools by Tim Vollans.
Current challenges of Legal Education in Germany: New perspectives on the Law and student centred learning by Tina Winter.


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