Poster Presenters

Section A (Tuesday 11th – Wednesday 12th September 2012)

Available Posters

Can we be Certain of the Law on Adolescents' Rights? by Emma Nottingham.
The Criminal Procedure Rules - The Impact on Defence Rights by Edward Johnston.
No Recourse - No Rights by Elaine McLaughlin.
Conscientious Objection to Military Service - Council of Europe Standards and their Effective Implementation by Andreas Yiannaros.
Do Personal Values Tip the Scales of Justice? by Rachel Cahill O'Callaghan.

Provisional List

  1. Rachel Cahill-O’Callaghan (Cardiff): ‘Do Personal Values Tip the Scales of Justice?’
  2. Emma Nottingham (Southampton): ‘Can we be Certain of the Law on Adolescents’ Rights?’
  3. Eva Kassoti (Bristol): ‘The Legal Nature of Unilateral Acts of States in International Law’
  4. Frances Burton (London Metropolitan): ‘Current Forced Marriage Research’
  5. Alice Belcher (Dundee): ‘Directors’ Collective Responsibility’
  6. Gayatri Patel (Leicester): ‘Moderate Cultural Relativism: Pitfalls and Prospects’
  7. Lorraine Talbot (Warwick): ‘Project to Build a Progressive Model of Corporate Governance’
  8. Dominic de Cogan (Birmingham): ‘From Administrative Law to Statute: The Strange Case of Early Twentieth Century Taxation’
  9. Elaine McLaughlin (Glasgow Caledonian): ‘No Recourse – No Rights’
  10. Julie Doughty (Cardiff): ‘Law and Policy on Children and Young People: Research; Teaching; Learning’
  11. Christina Götzelmann (UCD): ‘The Protection of Migrant Families in Ireland: A Comparative Perspective’
  12. Arwa Aljallal (Southampton): ‘The Application of the Duty of Good Faith in Insurance Law’
  13. Antonios Platsas (Derby): ‘Comparative Law as the Ideological Core of a Cosmopolitan Law Curriculum’
  14. Rebecca Moosavian (Northumbria): ‘Privacy’
  15. Luciana Iwasa (Aston): ‘A Comparative Study of the Legislative Controls on Unfairness in England and Brazil’
  16. Lida Pitsillidou (Newcastle), ‘The UK Statutory Derivative Action: An Opportunity to Bring Justice to Minority Shareholders’
  17. Janine Sargoni (Bristol): ‘Characterising the Legitimate Regulation of Geoengineering Research’
  18. Andreas Yiannaros (Bedfordshire): ‘Conscientious Objection to Military Service: Council of Europe Standards and their Effective Implementation’
  19. Graham Ferris, Rebecca Huxley-Binns and Julie Higginbottom (Nottingham Trent) ‘What Should we Care About When Teaching Law: Caring as a Source of Values’
  20. Chuanman You (UCD) ‘Reconciling Legal Origins and Political Economy: A Study of China’s Takeover Regime from the Theory of Path Dependence’  

Section B (Thursday 13th – Friday 14th September 2012)

Available Posters

Beyond Meca-Medina - Biological Passports, Sports Dispute Resolution and European Law by David McArdle.
The Emergent Threat of Defamation Online: The Need for a New Model Governing Online Defamation with the Emergence of Social Web Technologies by Sarosh Kahn.

  1. Susan Bright (Oxford) and Lisa Whitehouse (Hull): ‘Pilot Study: Evaluating the Impact of Non-Financial Factors in Housing Possession Proceedings’
  2. Carol Forrest (York): ‘The Expansion of Rights / Legal Consciousness and the Compensation Culture Meme’
  3. Sarosh Khan (Southampton): ‘The Need for a New Model of Governance of Online Defamation in Light of the Development of Social Web Technologies’
  4. Lawrence McNamara (Reading): ‘Law, Terrorism and the Right to Know’
  5. Michael Bromby (HE Academy): ‘Mapping Social Media and Innovation in Legal Education’
  6. Sonia Marono-Foadi (Oxford Brookes) and Stelios Andreadakis (Oxford Brookes): ‘Reflections on the Architecture of the European Union after the Treaty of Lisbon: The European Approach to Fundamental Rights’
  7. David McArdle (Stirling): ‘Beyond Meca-Medina: Biological Passports, Sports Dispute Resolution and European Law’
  8. Chris Willmore (Bristol): ‘Living with Risk and Uncertainty’
  9. Peter McTigue (Nottingham Trent): ‘Protecting the HIV Positive Employee’
  10. Helen Xanthaki (IALS): ‘The Effectiveness of Legislation’
  11. Christopher Bisping (Warwick) and Anona Bisping (Leicester): ‘The Experience of ERASMUS (and Other Visiting) Students in UK Law Schools’
  12. Emma Jones (Keele): ‘The Problematic Suppression of Emotion in Undergraduate Legal Education’
  13. Shokouh Abadi (King’s): ‘Power in Investment Arbitration’
  14. John McNally (Cork): ‘Climate Change and Financial Markets: Agreeing to Disagree on Standards?’
  15. Hattan Timraz (Swansea): ‘The Implementation of Key IMO Instruments in the Gulf States: Challenges and Opportunities’
  16. Lene McCool (Edinburgh): ‘Subsidiarity and Proportionality in EU Criminal Law’
  17. Edward Johnston (UWE): ‘The Criminal Procedure Rules: The Impact on Defence Rights’
  18. Phil Hunter, Kathryn Dutton and Christopher Broad (Chester): ‘What Works? Student Retention and Success’
  19. Thorsten Lauterbach, Elizabeth Tomchak and Janet McCraig (Robert Gordon): ‘Developing and Supporting the Curriculum: Embedding Academic Writing Skills in Taught Postgraduate Law Courses’
  20. Phuong Le (UWE): ‘Foreign Agricultural Investment and Sustainability in Developing Countries – Inherent Problems, Current Practice and Future Reform’

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