Abstracts and papers are available below the programme:


Session 1: September 7th 11.15 - 12.45 Room H2

1A. Diamond Ashiagbor,( SOAS)
       Unravelling the 'embedded liberal bargain' in the EU
1A. Mark Bell, (Leicester)
       Between flexicurity and fundamental social rights: the EU Directives on 'atypical' work
1B. Virginia Mantouvalou, (University College London)
       Human Rights at Work and Human Capabilities

Session 2: September 7th 13.45 - 15.15 Room H2

2A. Michael Fischl, (University of Connecticut Law School)
       A Common Law for Labor Relations (Redux)
2B. Samuel Estreicher, (NYU School of Law)
        The Decline of Voluntarism and the Integrity of Trade Unionism
2B. Diamond Ashiagbor,( SOAS)
       Unravelling the 'embedded liberal bargain' in the EU

Session 3 September 8th 09.30 - 11.00 Room H2

3A. Amir Paz-Fuchs, (Ono Academic College)
       Occupational Hazard: Labour Law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories
3B.  David Doorey, (Osgoode Hall, York University)
        Decentring Workplace Law:  Risk, Reward, and Polycentric Ordering in Employment Law

Session 4 September 8th 11.30 - 13.00 Room H2

4A.  Pascale Lorber, (Leicester)
        Collective Redundancy Consultation - In Search of Clarity
4B.  Zeldine O'Brien,( Trinity College Dublin)
       Excuses, excuses! Acceptable and Unacceptable Reasons for Failure to Follow Procedures

Available Papers and Abstracts

A Common Law for Labor Relations (Redux) Richard Michael Fischl by Richard Michael Fischl .
Excuses, Excuses! Acceptable And Unacceptable Reasons For Failure To Follow Procedures by Zeldine Niamh O'Brien.
Occupational Hazards Life is largely a matter of expectation. by Horace Amir Paz-Fuchs and Yaël Ronen? .
Are Labour Rights Human Rights? by Virginia Mantouvalou.
Good Employer, Bad Employer: Can Decentring Workplace Regulation Improve Legal Compliance? by David J. Doorey.
Between Flexicurity and Fundamental Social Rights: The EU Directives on Atypical Work by Mark Bell.
Occupational Hazards: Labor Rights in the Occupied Territories by Amir Paz-Fuchs.
Collective redundancy consultation – in search of clarity by Pascale Lorber.
"The Decline of Voluntarism and the Integrity of Trade Unionism" by Samuel Estreicher.
Unravelling the embedded liberal bargain: Labour law in the context of EU market integration by Diamond Ashiagbor.