Abstracts and papers are available below the programme:


Session 1: September 5th 13.45 - 15.15 Music Room

1A. Jacqueline Lopes (Limerick)
    "Re-enactment of the lass-Steagall Act 1933 - Is this a step in the right direction for global financial reform?"
1B. Eilis Ferran (Cambridge)
     "Financial crisis as a driver of Law reform: where it is taking the EU?"

1C  Adolfo Paolini (Buckingham)


       "Non- Executive Directors in Financial Institutions: How much do we need them?

Session 2: September 5th 15.45 - 17.15 Music Room

2A. Huma Sodher (Bangor)
     "Islamic Banking and current legal framework for dispute resolution"
2B. Iwa Salami (East London)
     "EU financial regulatory framework: an inspiration for financial regulation in Africa"
2C.  Clare Chambers (UWE)
     "A real crime in a virtual world: discussing virtual money laundering"

Session 3 September 6th 09.00 - 10.30 Music Room

3A. Noel McGrath (Dublin City)
        "Harmonisation of  International Secured Transactions Law: Time for Movement on Shipping"
3B.  Tom Burns (Aberdeen)
        "The Reform of the Shadow Banking Sector"
3C.  Jingbo Zhang (Southampton)
        "Banks' Duties on Rejection in the Documentary Credits under the UCP600"

Session 4 September 6th 13.30 - 15.00 Music Room

4A.   Ioannis Glinavos (Kingston)
        "The Role of Law in Markets: from Industrial Revolution to Economic Dissolution"
4B    Joanne P. Braithwaite (LSE)
        "Insights from the s2(a)(iii) SDA Master Agreement litigation: Are some contracts 'too big to interpret'?"
4C.  Fred Cram (Bristol)
        "Scouring the Shires? The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (as mended) and Frontline Policing"

Available Papers and Abstracts

Financial Crises As A Driver Of Law Reform: The Direction Of Travel For EU Financial Services Regulation by Eilís Ferran.
The Role of Law in Markets: From Industrial Revolution to Economic Dissolution by Ioannis Glinavos.
EU Financial Regulatory Framework: An Inspiration for Financial Regulation in Africa by Iwa Salami.