Programme and Papers

Any available abstracts and papers are listed below the programme:

Session 1: Tuesday 9 September 2014 14.00-15.30 Room

1A       Beate Sjåfjell (University of Oslo)

            Sustainable Companies: A Necessary Contribution to the Jigsaw Puzzle of                                             Sustainability

1B        Barnali Choudhury (QMUL)

            Social Disclosure

1C       Andreas Kokkinis (Warwick)

            Reforming banks’ corporate objective and the duties owed by bank directors and senior                     managers towards a sustainable financial system

Session 2: Tuesday 9 September 2014 16.00-17.30 Room

2A       Colin Moore (Kent)

            Obligations in the Shade: The Application of Fiduciary Directors’ Duties to Shadow                           Directors

2B        Stelios Andreadakis (Leicester)

            Whistleblowers in Modern Corporate Governance: A story about the Right Incentives and                 Ethics in the Boardroom

2C       Putri S. Akma M. Adzmi (UCL)

            The Traditional Powers of Family-Owned Companies

2D       Aiman Nariman Binti Mohd. Sulaiman (International Islamic University, Malaysia)         

            Liability for Misleading statements and defective prospectus in capital raising  

Session 3 Wednesday 10 September 2014 09.00-10.30 Room

3A       Irene Lynch Fannon (University College Cork)

             The Environment as a 'corporate stakeholder'

3B       Renginee G. Pillay (Surrey)

            From Corporate Social Responsibility to Corporate Accountability: Mapping the Territory

3C       Emmanuel Nii Noi Osuteye (Kent)  and Dr Adaeze Okoye (Christchurch Canterbury)  

            Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from ‘below’: environmental consciousness and                        changing gender dynamics in Ghanaian rural mining communities

3D       Daniel Attenborough (Leicester)

            Shareholder Value, Environmental Protection and Estoppels

3E        Zhong Xing Tan (Singapore)

            Veiling and Unveiling the Corporation: The Socially Sustainable Development of the                         Corporate Vehicle through the Evolution of a Doctrine

Session 4 Wednesday 10 September 2014 14.00-15.30 Room

4A       Christopher Hare (Oxford)

            Derivative Actions

4B        Lida Pitsillidou (Newcastle)

            Seeking Justice in the 21st Century: Multiple Derivative Actions in the UK Revisited

4C       Nima Mersadi Tabari (KCL)

            Revisiting Aron Salomon: The Double-Edged Sword of Corporate Status in Investment                     Treaty Arbitration

4D       Dr Georgina Tsagas (UCL)

            Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006: The ‘Fictional Shareholder’ of the Enlightened                       Shareholder Value Approach


various Company law Abstracts FIRST ONE BY by Beate Sjåfjell.


The Environment as a Corporate Stakeholder by Irene Lynch Fannon.
Obligations in the Shade: The Application of Fiduciary Directors’ Duties to Shadow Directors by Colin R. Moore.


No posters available.


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