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Programme and Papers

Any available abstracts and papers are listed below the programme:

Session 1: Tuesday 9 September 2014 14.00-15.30 Room

1A       Rachel Cahill-O'Callaghan (Cardiff)

            Reframing the Judicial Diversity Debate: Personal Values and Tacit Diversity

1B       Lucy Barnes (East Anglia) 

            The Emergence of Postmodern Dystopia: Learning from Law’s Literary Landscapes

Session 2: Tuesday 9 September 2014 16.00-17.30

2A       Ben Warwick (Durham)

            Subversion to Subordination: Economic and Social Rights as a Victim of their Own                 Success

2B       Lloyd Brown (Cardiff)

            The Lenders' Role in Land Redevelopment: Changing Perceptions of Environmental                 Risks ?

2C       Naheed Ghauri (Birkbeck)

            The Qur’anic Model – A Praxiological Study of Religious Tribunals

Session 3 Wednesday 10 September 2014 09.00-10.30

Bonus Civil Liberties and Human Rights Session: National and International Interactions

3A       Benedict Douglas (Durham)

            Let’s Get Metaphysical: Interpreting Article 8 using Sartre and Gewirth

3B       Carmen Draghici (City)

            The Value of Strasbourg Judgments in the Interpretation of the Human Rights Act

3C       Antonia Baraggia (State University of Milan, Italy)

            National Constitutional Courts and Fundamental Rights Protection in the European                 Legal System: a Comparative Overview

Session 4 Wednesday 10 September 2014 14.00-15.30

4A       Nazreen Shaik-Peremanov (University of South Africa)

            Blood Diamonds: The Workability of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme in               Curbing Human Rights Violations  

4B       Ozlem Ulgen (Birmingham City)

            Robots a No No: The Concept of Harm in Modern Warfare

4C       Lydia Bleasdale-Hill (Leeds) and Jill Dickinson (Sheffield Hallam)

            The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 and dangerous dogs:                         barking up the wrong tree?


No abstracts available.


Reframing the Judicial Diversity Debate: Personal Values and Tacit Diversity by Rachel J Cahill-O’Callaghan1.


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