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Programme and Papers

Any available abstracts and papers are listed below the programme:

Session 1: Thursday 11 September 2014 11.00-12.30 Room

Session 2: Thursday 11 September 2014 14.00-15.30

Bonus European  and  Competition Law Session

2A       Sylvia de Mars (Newcastle)

            The Court of Justice’s approach to social solidarity: Re-coordinating welfare                           entitlement for EU citizens

2B       Imelda Maher (University College Dublin)

            The Rule of Law and economic governance in the EU

2C       Martin Trybus (Birmingham)

            The 2009 EU Defence Procurement Directive and the Intra-Community Transfer                     Directive

Session 3 Friday 12 September 2014 09.30-11.00

Bonus Criminal Justice Session

3A       Emma Piasecki (Northumbria)

            Cross-examining experts and directing the jury: “sufficient safeguards” against                       unreliability?         

3B       Edward Johnston (University of the West of England)

            All Rise for the Interventionist: The Judiciary in the 21st Century

3C       Karen Brennan (Essex)

            Murdering Mothers and Gentle Judges: Infanticide in Ireland, 1950-2000

Session 4 Friday 12 September 2014 11.30-13.00

4A       Jacinta Miller (Ulster)

            The National Health Service and the Right to Health in the United Kingdom

4B       Jonathan Merritt (De Montfort)

            Human Rights and Horses: Problematising challenges to sports governing bodies                     under Article 6 – Equestrianism, a case study


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